Knowing Yourself -

14 Modules On Love

a guided healing practice

lf you want to connect with knowing yourself for yourself by yourself.

You’re looking to connect with likeminded, creative individuals who are interested in becoming their best selves possible by knowing themselves.

You’re ready for an adventure and your once-in-a-lifetime experience through knowing yourself; the best internal exploration of intentionally focusing one's breathing via the practice of yoga

You need to take a step back from being in your life so you can work on your life in order to share your life with others for the betterment of all life.

You want to learn basic yet essential yoga and pranayama techniques, along with herbal medicine/teas, and life affirmations for cleansing and maintaining as healthy a being as possible.

You’re inspired by travel, different cultures, and cuisines, and meeting other beings being human; learning and sharing your stories.

You believe that taking time to experience, slow down, and connect is just as important if not more important as the “hustle”.

You know that nothing great was ever built overnight.

You are interested in or have questions about knowing yourself, holding space, yoga and your place in the scheme of things.

You have an open mind, heart, & spirit.

You want to explore leaving our world better than how you first inherited it.

This guided healing practice is NOT For You If…
You’re not ready to do the shadow work of facing your self; and dealing with the issues in your tissues.