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I'm Hector Your Guide

It Starts With The Breath

There is a daily breathing that needs to be deeply intentional into one's essential nature with the help of movement; inclusive of tapping and kneading one's body that aids in the continuous healing and free flowing of energy; to the skeletal system and much much more...


I graduated with my 200hrs teacher's training in 2015 late spring-early summer from karma teachers - empowered, mentored, supported and challenged by some of the most talented, insightful, warm beings in the Vancouver yoga community.

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yoga in the park

Meeting/ greeting ourselves each day is honouring you; your temple; your being you and this hopefully facilitates​ honoring other beings as we each hold space...


"It is for ourselves that we forge a personal philosophy of life. It is within that we come to see, little by little, what must be changed within our own being. We must be aware of what is possible and what is not. We cannot change anyone else's character, nor should we try to do so. Each person changes when a need for change is apparent to our own mind. When old ways don't work anymore, something different must be tried, however reluctantly. A person begins to think more autonomously when the whims of society no longer bring pleasure. Everyone will reach this point at some time - in some incarnation."


-Rosicrucian Manuscript


Enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you