Breathing the breath; your breath(PRANAYAMA) is the best gift we can ever give to ourselves. PRANA means LIFE FORCE & AYAMA is LENGTHENING; hence breathing your breath (PRANAYAMA) is lengthening one's life force.  

Learning to enjoy breathing practiced outdoor at scenic spaces within nature via the science of yoga encourages one to playfully & intentionally breathe slowly into one's spiritual, soul, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Practiced with bare feet this allows the electrons and all the goodness in the earth to help our bodies heal and come into better balance and/or alignment for maximum benefits on multiple levels for one’s entire being.

Enjoy breathing provides a safe space to explore 'knowing yourself' - whether through contemplation of philosophical ideas and/or following a prescribed power vinyasa class or modifying it to your specific needs that practice.

enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you


I graduated with my 200hrs teacher's training in 2015 late spring-early summer from karma teachers - empowered, mentored, supported and challenged by some of the most talented, insightful, warm beings in the Vancouver yoga community.

I’ve always been on this inner quest to know myself while enjoying being immersed within nature's brilliance, and heart...trying my best to honor the connectedness in all life.

I've practiced bikram yoga religiously for about four to five years and I’m eternally grateful for the guidance and support this community also gave me in my continuing development and exploratory playful inquiry into 'knowing yourself'.

There is a daily breathing that needs to be deeply intentional into one's essential nature with the help of movement; inclusive of tapping and kneading one's body that aids in the continuous healing and free flowing of energy; to the skeletal system and much much more...

Meeting/ greeting ourselves each day is honouring you; your temple; your being you and this hopefully facilities honoring other beings as we each hold space...

"It is for ourselves that we forge a personal philosophy of life. It is within that we come to see, little by little, what must be changed within our own being. We must be aware of what is possible and what is not. We cannot change anyone else's character, nor should we try to do so. Each person changes when a need for change is apparent to our own mind. When old ways don't work anymore, something different must be tried, however reluctantly. A person begins to think more autonomously when the whims of society no longer bring pleasure. Everyone will reach this point at some time - in some incarnation." Rosicrucian Manuscript

enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you


  • Two 1 hour 'personalizing yoga for you, in person coaching sessions at the retreat in Mexico with yogi guide Hector Johnson

  • Enjoy breathing paraphernalia: T-shirt/ towel/ aluminum water bottle/ & tote bag  

  • Ebook -: 40 recipes/ 40 affirmations - a Trinbagonian Lime


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Yoga by the Pool
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Yoga Class - Downward Facing Dog
Pilates Work Out
yoga @ karma teachers
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Improving wellbeing is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment to one's self. My courses and sessions provide an excellent opportunity to exercise you spirit, soul, mind, emotions, & physical bodies, but they’re also places to meet and share with other engaged and open-minded individuals. Check out my offerings of services and programs and join my community today.

enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you


Breath: Strength, Flexibility, & Healing

'Discover The Importance of Self Massage'

powered by

"enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you"

your personal yogi guide Hector Johnson will help you facilitate

- Moving the energy around your body

- Intentionally focusing your breathing

- Massage Techniques for Feet|Head|Sacrum|Ears|Face|Hands

- Sun Salutations with proper stacking & alignment

- panic attacks | depression | high blood pressure | lengthening life span & youth | promoting positive self-perception

PRANAYAMA: PRANA - Life Force AYAMA - lengthening

All done via breathing 888() ... infinity symbol x 3 (inhale for 8-hold for 8-exhale for 8) throughout the entire body.

During this workshop you will embrace how to hold space for your body/mind/soul/spirit via your breath through self care . gratitude . & being still

Call for more info | imited scholarships available

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enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you


Topics explored:

Love of Beauty . Love of Nature . Love of Animals . Love of Family . Love Of Friends . Love of Foes . Love of Discipline . Love Of Tolerance . Love Of Production . Love Of Country . Love Of Knowledge . Love of Truth . Love of Self

This transformational life enhancing workshop “knowing yourself– 13 modules on love" by Hector Johnson will help you -:

a) Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

b) Curb Chronic Neck & Low-Back Pain

c) Sharpen The Brain

d) Control Diabetes

e) Stave Off Stress & Anxiety

f) Decrease Depression

g) Lower Cancer Risk

h) Promote Positive Self-Perception

i) Lengthen Lifespan & Youth

j) Reduce PMS

If you are dealing with depression, cannot quiet you mind, not loving yourself 100%, afraid to ask questions and stand up for what you believe in, if you're not sure how or if you can handle the weight of the world?...if integrity and courage are sometimes challenging spaces to hold awareness...etcetera etcetera...then this workshop series "knowing yourself - personal growth" might be what you've vibrationally been yearning for.

Call for more info | Limited scholarships available

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'enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you'



enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you

Focusing on the present moment has many benefits that helps improve many aspects of your life, including reaction time and short term memory. Those who have tried 'enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you' became more relaxed and less distracted by their fleeting thoughts, demonstrated an enhanced ability to solve problems and retain and recall information better.

I sincerely beleive each of us have been endowed with the faculties, powers & perceptions for the use of which each of us are responsible. It is each of our duties to ourselves, our world, and the eternal power/s by which each of us exists to:

- govern our tempers

- subdue our appetites

- refine our emotions

- inform our minds

- & increase our understanding

Failure to advance these causes leaves each of us a victim to our own intemperances and that of our associates.

Each of us comes into this world with a unique worth, a unique sparkling soul...an unapologetic selfhood. Are you conscious or unconscious in the story of your own life

call or email to consult on a program tailor-made for you.

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'enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you'


rites of passage intensive for males enhancing your liberty, love, & light

For all you precious men - past, present, & future

May you know your inherent worth independent of what you do, accomplish, & accommodate

May you feel the beauty, depth & power of your emotions & reap the rewards of a life well-felt

May you be generous

May you rage safely at the injusticies of the world and do your unique part in creating dignity for all

May you find meaningful brotherhood and celebrate a new way of loving

May you be engaged, thoughtful, gentle, strong, & silly fathers, uncles, and role models to our young

May you find freedom to be who you truly are

May you stay safe and loyal to yourself

And may you stand proud, unshackled, and vibrant; LIFE streaming through your heart, forever comforted by the heartbeat of the Earth

By: Elisa Lee

Are you:

- fed-up with wrong media portrayal of who men are or arent

- losing yourself to other peoples rhythms

- needing help discovering pride in being exactly who you are at every stage of your life's journeys

- tapping into & expressing without apology your authentic voice; via dancing, singing, nature, being still...

- remembering service is true leadership & looking for practical, tangible ways to effectively live these truths within our communities

If you answered YES - then come join the conversation, and creative explorartion with other males cocreating and helping redesign ourselves and our world's future. Our choices regarding how we as men can and will show up, play in, & daily without apology hold space in all aspects of our lives determines the quality of life we can experience and leave for our future.

This is our vision; personally and collectively living out our highest ideals and versions of ourselves(spirit/soul/mind/emotions/body).

...Because we are conscious beings we are not required to follow the immediate instincts and impulses of our disposition; we can be kind, just, gentle, forgiving, compassionate, & self-sacrificing...even under the most trying and difficult circumstances both by observation and experience...and by the testimony of the ages we inwardly know right from wrong, and good from bad...

Contact us with any queries

limited scholarships available

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enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you

No matter your fitness level and health wellness experience,  enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you has a course workshop to help boost your health, wellness, and fitness regime. Contact Hector Johnson for more details, and/or to reserve a spot in any of the classes offered.

Things you'll need for an effective experiential exploration of yourself for personal growth:

a) a willingness to explore all aspects of one's self via the breath, including the issues within one's tissues (emotional barriers/mental distortions/physical impediments, etc). Even if you cannot physically practice or don't feel like it, still attend the practice and explore your breath
b) a willingness to practice moving the energy around your body via self massage, or asana without shoes on grass, dirt, sand or any surface that will allow the free electrons of the earth to connect with one's body. These free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man. And these antioxidants are responsible for the clinical observations from grounding experiments such as: beneficial changes in heart rate, decreased skin resistance, and decreased levels of inflammation
c) a yoga mat & a towel
d) water
e) no food consumed 2-3hrs prior to practicing
f) healthy food/snacks for replenishing one's body after class or during a break
g) journal
h) proper hydration & sleep prior to class
i) no baggy/loose fitting clothing
j) no talking loudly or excessively inside the safe sacred space
k) smiles - they're free

"Our bodies are our gardens - our wills are our gardeners"

William Shakespeare

Yoga Class - Downward Facing Dog


My goal is to offer physical, mental, & soul/spirit conditioning programs that suit the health wellness needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Contact me to find out more about my practice and how it can benefit your life.

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