Enjoy Breathing Corporate Sessions

Are you an employer/employee looking to:

A) Boost engagement?
B) Decrease workplace leaves and injury?
C) Improve effective communication and performance?
D) All of the above.

Whether improving staff appreciation, employee wellness, or workplace productivity Enjoy Breathing's Corporate Yoga workshop with charismatic  yogi guide, Hector Johnson can help you become more relaxed, and less distracted by one's fleeting thoughts. As well as focusing on the present moment, and the benefits that help improve many aspects of your life, including reaction time and short term memory.


Those who have tried 'enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you' became more relaxed and less distracted by their fleeting thoughts,  and demonstrated an enhanced ability to solve problems; and retain and recall information better.

Who This Workshop Will Benefit:

•    All levels.
•    Anyone looking to find one's flow; within the daily movements & thought discussions of life.
•    All genders.
•    Whether a sedentary or manual worker, if you are operating in a high pressure/fast paced environment as a new hire, regular, return from stress leave, or senior staff this might be for you.

What's In Your Yoga Workshop Program:


•    Learn to harness your faculties, powers, & perceptions to assist you in governing your temper, subduing your appetites, refining your emotions, informing your mind, & increasing your understanding.
•    Learn self-massage techniques for hands | feet | neck | head | sacrum.
•    Learn sun salutations with proper alignment & stacking
•    Learn restorative yoga & it’s importance in leading a more balanced life

•    Learn herbs/ oils/ teas for home/ medicinal cabinet

•    Learn optimal benefits of food being medicine & medicine food

Overall Health + Performance Benefits:

•    Greater balance and management of emotions
•    More flexible minds/brains
•    Increase understanding, compassion and empathy of Self and of others
•    Save money
•    Increase productivity and creativity
•    Decrease health care premiums
•    Reduces stress and anxiety
•    Increase energy
•    Improve concentration and focus
•    Build muscle strength and increase flexibility
•    Improve overall health and reduces risk of illness
•    Increase job satisfaction

To consult on a program tailor-made for you email inquiries to: