Breath: Strength, Flexibility, & Healing

In this workshop, we work on

  • Moving the energy around your body

  • Intentionally focusing your breathing

  • Massage Techniques for Feet|Head|Sacrum|Ears|Face|Hands 

  • Sun Salutations with proper stacking & alignment

This workshop is helpful for:

  • panic attacks

  • depression

  • high blood pressure

  • lengthening life span & youth

  • promoting positive self-perception 


PRANAYAMA: PRANA - Life Force AYAMA - lengthening 


  • All done via breathing 888() ... infinity symbol x 3 (inhale for 8-hold for 8-exhale for 8) throughout the entire body.

  • During this workshop, you will embrace how to hold space for your body/mind/soul/spirit via your breath through self-care. gratitude . & being still






Topics explored:

  • Love of Beauty

  • Love of Nature

  • Love of Animals

  • Love of Family

  • Love Of Friends

  • Love of Foes

  • Love of Discipline

  • Love Of Tolerance

  • Love Of Production

  • Love Of Country

  • Love Of Knowledge

  • Love of Truth

  • Love of Self

This transformational life-enhancing workshop “knowing yourself– 13 modules on love" help you:

a) Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
b) Curb Chronic Neck & Low-Back Pain
c) Sharpen The Brain
d) Control Diabetes
e) Stave Off Stress & Anxiety
f) Decrease Depression
g) Lower Cancer Risk
h) Promote Positive Self-Perception
i) Lengthen Lifespan & Youth
j) Reduce PMS

If you are dealing with depression, cannot quiet your mind, not loving yourself 100%, afraid to ask questions and stand up for what you believe in, if you're not sure how or if you can handle the weight of the world?...if integrity and courage are sometimes challenging spaces to hold awareness...etcetera etcetera...then this workshop series "knowing yourself - personal growth" might be what you've vibrationally been yearning for.






Focusing on the present moment has many benefits that help improve many aspects of your life, including reaction time and short term memory. Those who have tried 'enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you' became more relaxed and less distracted by their fleeting thoughts, demonstrated an enhanced ability to solve problems and retain and recall information better.

I sincerely believe each of us has been endowed with the faculties, powers & perceptions for the use of which each of us is responsible. It is each of our duties to ourselves, our world, and the eternal power/s by which each of us exists to:

- govern our tempers
- subdue our appetites
- refine our emotions
- inform our minds
- & increase our understanding

Failure to advance these causes leaves each of us a victim to our own intemperances and that of our associates.

Each of us comes into this world with a unique worth, a unique sparkling unapologetic selfhood. Are you conscious or unconscious in the story of your own life

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