Pranayama Breathwork

Pranayama: Prana - Life Force Yama - Lengthening

You will learn how to hold space for your body/ mind/ soul/ spirit via your breath through self-care, gratitude, & being still.

Individual Package:

The Pranayama workshops for individuals will help you know, and care for yourself better. So, that you can live in your highest and BEST Self daily! Learn, Recall, and practice how to:
Improve health, maximize longevity, & co-create a serene mind fit for meditation, contemplation, daily living, and an overall sense of well being.
Learn five breathing techniques to lengthen one’s life force (That which is responsible for maintaining all the physical functions, including life, heat and health within us being human).
Utilize breathing to influence the flow of your life force through the nerves of the body or energy channels.
Breathe into your entire being using the navel as the centre of the webbing that encases one's entire being (fascia)...

Couples Package:

Learn an easy & practical way to deepen or improve your relationships with loved ones & intimate partners:
•    Use touch, soothing words & cuddling/spooning to facilitate further deep breath awareness; & intimacy.
•    Use the same principles in the Individual Package for maximizing optimal health.


Corporate Package:

We all know that “a happy team member, is a productive member”. But, with so many personalities, lived experiences, and communication styles working with others can be a real growing opportunity. Pranayama 1-day workshop will help you and your team develop happier, healthier, and more productive group dynamics through:
•    Practicing holding space for themselves, to allow for a deepening self-awareness which fosters communication with your true voice.

•    Learning how breath, stillness & holding space supports maintaining healthy boundaries.

•    Practicing how breath, stillness & gratitude can improve your team’s resiliency when navigating change, challenges, high-pressure & stressful situations, and endeavors.

•    Practicing how breath and gratitude nurtures empathetic mindsets, that will broaden your team’s understandings of what being of service to another truly means.

•    Practicing how gratitude and stillness helps you better appreciate the inter-connectedness of your roles, and your work for greater performance.

•    Practicing how breath, gratitude, stillness & holding space enhances kind, clear and effective communication skills.

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