Sadhana: Daily Spiritual Practice


Inside each of us is a Light—the Light of Awareness. If we nourish this Light, it will always remain lit and will grow in brightness. And we don’t do this through external means, but through:

* Introspection (Gyana Yoga)

* Devotion (Bhakti Yoga)

* Rituals, mantras, sharing, togetherness (Raja Yoga)

* Selfless actions (Karma Yoga)

Although at first your practice may be fragmented and pieced together; with time they merge into an effortless flowing continuum, reflected in everything you do. 

Sadhana is your daily spiritual practice and it can encompass many different things:

* Meditation

* Yoga asana

* Prayer

* Chanting

* Pranayama breathing exercises

* Rituals

* Walk/ Pilgrimages

* Study 

* Dancing

* Singing

* Hot baths & Soaks

Sadhana helps us to realign ourselves with our dharma;  one’s true purpose in this life. Karma, in its expression as memories and desires, will often distract us from our purpose yet Sadhana ripens the karmas on one’s life so they fall away like full-ready ripe fruit from a tree, leaving each of us free to progress on our journey.

A personal mantra is the reflection of one’s essence—you, me, we - the Universe embodied in each of us as a Universal Being. Do you have a personal mantra?

The single most powerful tool to support your Sadhana is a personal mantra, learned and used correctly a personal mantra is the reflection of your essence—the Universal Being being human. It is the ultimate focus of light, sound, meaning, and intention; and it holds and reflects the entire Universe.

It’s important to remember that Sadhana doesn’t create Enlightenment. Enlightenment and perfection have always been ours. For each of us Sadhana peels back the layers that have covered it for too long. Sadhana allows you & I to once again live the glory and magnificence of who each of us truly are.

May this day, and the days ahead find you inspired to go within, and meet yourself …  take care of yourself … heal your self … forgive yourself … love yourself … it is why each of us are here.

yogi guide | Hector Johnson 

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