5 Reasons To Get Out Into Nature This Fall

Take some time this Fall and start enjoy breathing outdoors. Anywhere. Near a river, lake, or ocean - water is balancing, healing and restorative. Or, enjoy your neighbourhood park or green space, or inside the belly of a dense forest. Breathe and enjoy breathing.

Here are 5 reasons to get out into Nature this Fall, and discover how Nature, breath, meditation, health and self-care are all interconnected: 

De-stress and ground yourself in Nature

1. Being In Nature Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Trees’ natural fragrance play a vital role in quelling the body’s fight-or-flight response, (response can cause anxiety and stress the mind, body and spirit). The aromatic compounds or phytoncides, that trees release help lower blood pressure, strengthen immunity, and are believed to protect against cancer.

2. Exposure To Nature Can Leave You In Awe

When you are in awe with something, anything that is larger than yourself it encourages you to be more present. You end up feeling less judged-judgmental and/or entitled-selfish. This fosters you in being more helping, generous, compassionate and being of service. And hopefully, promotes a willingness to leave the spaces you/we inhabit and people you encounter better than how you first received them. Generous service is in all of us; commit to finding yours and love living it daily.

3. Nature Is Giving And Generous

Everything truly has been provided for us: food, water, medicines, clothing, shelter and even pleasures. Nature is abundant! It serves as a reminder that you too are an abundant creator, and that bounty is meant to be shared. Showing up in your life daily, in whatever capacity, is a choice. So too is communing with Nature; that oneness that nurtures you in continuing to create-play-grow... inspire-manifest-magic... yes... create-play-grow... is what you find yourself doing more easily and often when feeling and remembering your connection to Nature.

4. Time In Nature Lifts Your Spirits

It's the best muse around. Nature inspires creativity and holding space with for yourself and others. You might impulsively start dancing, singing, humming, hugging a tree, feeling the earth through your hands, or in between your toes. You might taste the raindrops on your tongue, smell and look intently at all the plants and flowers. Or, you might find a sunny (or shady) spot and start writing. Whether's journaling, poetry, song.. it's all creative expression that is essential to your well-being.

Serving as a free, natural anti-depressant, being out in Nature helps relieve symptoms of depression and dysthymia, anxiety disorders, seasonal affectiveness disorder and many other conditions.

5. Nature Improves Our Intention And Attention To Details

In short, Nature improves your focus and concentration. It gives your mind and spirit permission to address your self-care that allow you to rest, reboot, replenish and recharge. Restorative time out in Nature soothes our nervous system and activates your energy centers. So you may actively and purposefully engage your world fully present. Get out into Nature; enjoy breathing deep, intentional, focused breaths while you do so. Remember to thank yourself for doing so, and to thank Nature for holding this space.

Daily Breathing Technique for Presence and Clarity

...As simple as...

Breathe in two three & out 2 3...


Breathe in two three & out 2 3...


Breathe in two three & out 2 3

And return to your regular breath.

Use this easy Breathing Technique throughout your day, or as and when needed to bring/keep you in the present moment.

Getting out in Nature for 30-90 minutes at least twice a week is enough to start a paradigm shift for better health and wellness management. It will easily induce states of physiologic relaxation.

...bless Up...

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