Are you ready to plunge into a greater sense of self awareness?

20 Things to do everyday, or as much as possible to help shift your paradigm; hence increasing your sense of self awareness:

1) meditate for at least fifteen minutes - silence and stillness is golden and priceless.

2) go into nature and appreciate, be grateful for everything your eyes can perceive and you currently have in your life.

3) get a notebook and jot down 5 things that are positive aspects for you to remember, reflect upon...keeping your spirit jovial.

4) look upward and outward and know that there are universal forces that are focused upon you and your well being; and give thanks to it, to them for wanting what's best for you...because they/it are looking out for you/appreciating you/supporting you/assisting you/acknowledging you/inspiring you/guiding you/having fun with you/aware of you/loving you/showing you/helping you/uplifting you.

5) practice deep breathing; via yoga - breathing into yourself through yourself for yourself.

6) smile first thing upon waking up, and last thing before going to bed at night; and as much as possible throughout the day...smiles r free.

7) allow the sun the moon the wind the stars the clouds thunder lightening to bathe their radiance upon you.

8) cultivate space and time to listen to your inner sage that inner guidance your voice of wisdom.

9) say good morning/afternoon/night to as many people as possible, especially those who refuse to acknowledge your existence, presence...especially to a stranger.

10) be kind and respectful to those less fortunate than yourself, what society would call vagrants ... They might be angels in disguise and/or have nuggets of wisdom and encouragement to give.

11) say "I love you" to someone every day, it may be your last opportunity to say so.

12) lovingly touch, caress someone daily...whether kissing or hugging or cuddling you'll be blessing, healing and freeing them and yourself.

13) do not gossip, do not gossip; do not gossip.

14) question everything, question everything; question everything.

15) find the playfulness in all you'll somehow become easier to do whatever needs to be done.

16) be always grateful and thankful - gratitude is the attitude…give thanks.

17) be mindful of your inner dialogue; when we focus our thought in one

direction for as little as just seventeen seconds, another thought joins it. They become bigger and are joined by another thought at the 34 second point, and again at 51 and 68 seconds. Once you focus as long as 68 seconds or longer, the combustion is big enough to affect physical manifestation.

18) laugh as much as possible.

19) dance as much as possible.

20) repeat 1-19

enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you

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