11 essentials to a good life:

11 essentials to a good life 

1| Correct your own conduct.

2| Find quiet/ peace/ integrity/ a few good friends/ a close family/ & something to do everyday; everything else is an illusion.

3| Healing yourself.

4| If do not abuse life you will have the greatest benefits of life.

5| It is our own character that creates the illusion, don’t  be afraid of a problem face it, and learn; remember how to solve it.

6| Keep on doing it wrong until you can't stand it any longer.

7| Perfection is ultimate, but it is a long and trying problem.

8| Make sure you are growing in spite of everything, and because of your personal effort.

9| Take what you know and do something about it.

10| Live within your means, stay out of debt.

11| Be very patient with the mistakes of others, and be patient with your self; as you grow in grace & glory, and develop the eternal principles of integrity.

yogi guide | Hector Johnson 

enjoy breathing | personalizing yoga for you 


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