Sometimes a fitness regime can sound too good to be true. At 'enjoy breathing - personalizing yoga for you', you’ll join a community that values wellbeing, and supports one another in the pursuit of health and happiness.

Read what some of my other clients have to say about my work and judge for yourself. If you recently had an experience you’d like to tell us about, please get in touch.

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I've done yoga before off and on..more off than on, really. Yoga with Enjoy Breathing was a wholly different experience. It wasn't yoga as hip exercise with faux-depth.

Hector created a safe space to explore breath and body, self and soul. It created ripple effects of wellness in my life. For the first time in a long time i was taking care of myself and enjoying putting myself first.

You really cannot pour from an empty cup and I learned to fill mine without guilt, give thanks.

Hector is a beautifully open and generous spirit and I miss class like no other. Hector, come back to me!

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I consider Hector my spiritual advisor. With the utmost thought and care, he attends to his students, his family, his friends and others he loves.

He is a shining beacon of light who is truly dedicated to his practice and to sharing it with others. He is as open to learning as he is to teaching.

He helped me to heal from a serious injury with his thoughts, prayers, care and spiritual advice. He has much to give.

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"Hector Johnson is an engaging storyteller who is committed to narrating experiences through breathing techniques, exercises, meditation and movements. 

Hector generously volunteered his talent and time to instruct a Chair Yoga Workshop (5 Weeks) for the Seniors Program at South Vancouver Neighbourhood House. With his enthusiasm and patience he was able to help the seniors develop and train their body and mind. The seniors enjoyed Hector’s classes, & they mentioned that the art of practicing chair yoga helped them control their mind, body and soul. It also helped them manage stress, anxiety and kept them very relaxed. 

Thank you, Hector for your passion and dedication to improving the well-being of our seniors and we would be honoured to have you again". – Emem-Obong Lucia Inyang, Seniors Hub Community Programmer.